Sylvania-netbook-cvsSoon you will be able to walk into your local CVS store for some medicine and also might walk out with a cheap $100 laptop computer! It was announced that Sylvania is to sell its $100 laptop computers at your local CVS stores.

The laptops seem to be of very basic configurations. These $100 laptops will have a nice 7 inch display and will run Windows CE. It is not sure yet how much storage they would have but it is speculated to be about 40 GB of storage space which is quite basic. The laptops will have about 512 MB of RAM which is enough for basic email and other minor applications. It is expected to give a pretty good battery life of about 6 hours.

The laptop seems to be powered by an ARM-based processors which is not confirmed yet. Although the netbook looks pretty basic for the price it is being offered its quite a good deal. It does what you might do every day – check email, facebook, news, watch a video or even stream netflix! You really don’t need a $500 computer or a laptop to do these. The best part is it weighs less than 1.5 pounds and is extremely light!

The  Sylvania netbook can be a poor man’s computer or good enough for school work unless you are working with more complex programs. The notebook is said to hit the CVS stores this fall. It was also reported that Sylvania is coming up with a $179 e-reader which will also be sold at your local CVS store.

This cheap netbook is much better than this $12,000 laptop for basic purposes.