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ge-dv1Looks like every company wants to get a piece of the action. General Electric(GE) reportedly launched its own pocket/mini HD camcorder called GE DV1 Mini HD Camcorder. Could this mean that GE is getting into the Internet-entertainment business? Could be.

The camcorder is offered in brushed aluminum green, orange and grey colors. The camcorder has some impressive specs. It features a 5-MP CMOS lens sensor, a 5.5mm fixed focal length lens, comes with integrated memory that lets you record full HD video for 29 minutes and also an SD/SDHC memory card slot with a maximum capacity of 32GB.

The camcorder is also made robust for rugged terrain and tough use. The GE DV1 Mini HD Camcorder has a 1.5m shockproof skin with a water resistant up to 5m. It also is dust proof. The GE DV1 Mini HD camcorder also has a built-in USB arm to let you transfer data to you PC or laptop.

It is set to be available in October and no pricing has been announced.


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