Tweet This is some thing new. According to Scientists at Queen’s University, humans could be used to provide high speed wireless Internet through the use of wearable sensors! This is part of a new science called “science of body centric communications” which is seeing major progress lately and scientists claim […]

Tweet Researches conduced an experiment recently where twelve people were asked to compete in a game where they were hooked to a brain computer interface which helped them display a particular image just by thinking. The interface was right only two thirds of the time but researchers said that it […]


Tweet Looks like Verizon is miles ahead of Google in offering 1GB Internet connectivity. Verizon tested its 10Gbps symmetrical fiber-optics called FiOS connection at Elks Lodge in Taunton, Massachusetts. The lodge is already a customer of Verizon FiOS and volunteered to be a test site where Verizon engineers demonstrated the 10Gbps […]

Tweet We had reported about the $100 netbook which was to be sold at CVS stores earlier. It got better today with Walgreens selling a $100 Android tablet from Maylong. Called the Maylong M-150 is a 7 inch Android tablet available exclusively from The tablet has a 7 inch 800 […]

Tweet Barnes and Noble’s launched a new Nook at a special even in New York City. The Nook Color is being called a hybrid tablet and will be a color e-reader. It has a full color 7” LCD screen which is impressive. It has built-in WiFi and runs Android. The […]

Tweet Nikon today launched an Android powered photo frame which lets you view pictures in high-quality 3D without the need to wear 3D glasses! The photo frame called “My Picturetown 3D NF-300i” is powered by Android and has some added features such as a digital calendar, clock and weather display. […]

Tweet Finally, a Windows 7 tablet with 3G in it! Netherlands based Ambiance Technology has launched a AT-Tablet which is the first 3G Windows 7 powered tablet PC in the market. The company in a press release today said that the 10 inch AT Tablet was the first 3G tablet to […]

Tweet Samsung is desperate to get some talent on board to give it ideas over Internet TV applications. Samsung Electronics UK has launched the “Samsung Smart TV Challenge” which aims aat finding the most innovative applications for Internet TV and other Internet devices including Blu-ray players and home theater systems. […]


Tweet Gizmag today reported on an interesting concept of a self-balancing motorcycle called EMBRIO. EMBRIO is said to be the bike of the future with its designers certain that people will be using it 20 years from now. Invented by 21 year old Ben Gulak, this electric bike has the […]

Tweet Kotaku today reported that several of its sources had said that Sony might be coming out with its PSP2 in Fall. The rumor has been going around for some time now but today Kotaku says it has some reliable sources that confirmed this report. The new PSP2 is also […]