Tweet Google back in July had confirmed that it was buying the online ticketing company ITA software for $700 million. The ITA software is used by a number of companies which are worried over Google’s acquisition and have teamed up to block the deal from going through. The acquisition is […]

Tweet Android has come a long way since it was introduced by Google and today it was being reported that Google’s Android mobile operating system has more than 100,000 applications available in its marketplace! Android Dev tweeted which said “One hundred thousand apps in Android Market”. Android marketplace is available […]

Tweet No longer would does the 125mph trains seem the fastest in the world. China reported that it was celebrating the worlds fastest train when it launched a new 260mph train line. China’s new high speed rail will run the CRH380 train which recorded speeds of almost 262 miles per […]

Tweet Yesterday the Wi-Fi alliance announced that its direct peer-to-peer version of the Wi-Fi called WiFi Direct was now available on several new devices. It also said that it was certifying devices for WiFi direct compatibility. A few WiFi cards have already been certified. Some of these are Atheros, Broadcom, […]

Tweet It took quite some time for this to happen but the VLC Media Player is finally here for the iPhone and the iPod touch platform. The new version 1.1.0 has some new improvements well suited for the iPhones and the iPods. The new VLC player will let you edit […]

Tweet iFixit got busy with the new Logitech Revue which allows you to have Google TV on your regular TV. The tear down was interesting and revealed some interesting facts about Google’s new product. The logitech Revue box has a 1.2 GHz Intel Atom processor with 1GB DDR3 ram. This […]

Tweet Looks like Microsoft is keen on adding to our 2012 doomsday fears. Microsoft said that it will be releasing the next version of Windows in 2012. This is still speculated based on a press release in Netherlands which said,¬†“Microsoft is on course for the next version of Windows 8 […]