Tweet Having a website is one thing, but having an catchy domain name will simply mean money! is the world’s most valued web address according to online domain auctioneer, The web address recently got sold for a million dollars!  The domain was owned by Escom LLC which sold […]

Tweet Looks like all is not well for Google TV. Wall Street Journal reported today that Google TV is being blocked by TV studios out of piracy fears. Many studios including Disney’s ABC and CBS have confirmed that they were preventing Google TV users from watching free Flash video. The content providers claimed […]

Tweet Australian news reported today that a man who was given mind-controlled prosthetic arms which he used to drive a car has died when his car crashed unexpectedly. The 23 year old man, Christian Kandlbauer lost both his arms in an electric mishap five years ago and was given two […]

Tweet HP today launched its tablet PC, the HP Slate 500! The HP Slate 500 is a 9-inch Windows 7 tablet PC aimed at business users. The Slate 500 has a touch screen user interface which is not customized for the tablet. It comes with the standard Windows 7 with […]

Tweet Dell seems to be putting quite a bit of money and its bets on the three new XPS multimedia laptops that it launched today. Dell says that these new laptops are Skype-certified and are 3DTV ready! The three laptops come in 14, 15 and 17 inch screen sizes. Dell […]


Tweet So Google’s 1GB high speed fiber Internet is here. Google today announced that it was launching the fiber-optic broadband service in the US calling it “The Google Fiber”. The service will be offered for trail run to the residents of Stanford, California. Google also said that it signed an […]

Tweet Nintendo today introduced new bundles and even a new controller to get the market warmed up for the holidays. The new bundles will be available since November 7 and will include a Wii with New Super Mario Bros and a Wiimote that has Motion Plus attachment built in. Wii also […]

Tweet Google today released its Google Chrome 7 browser. This new browser comes with a number of bug fixes as well as new features that improve user browsing experience. Some of the new features are included solely for developers and include AppleScript support for Mac OS X users along with […]

Tweet Talk about high speed networks, Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network (CANARIE) has announced a  100 Gigabit computer network which will be used to power advanced brain-mapping and surgery training applications.An average Canadian has access to a 8Mb internet connection speed and this new network is almost 12,000 times […]