Tweet According to a research, Chinese language might take over English to be the internet’s number one launguage. The adoption rate of the internet in China has grown tenfold in the past year, a report by NextWeb suggested. According to the report, there is a online population of about 1,966,514,816 […]


Tweet Looks like everyone is geared on hacing into Kinect and getting it to do things that Microsoft claims that it can’t. With Microsoft Kinect Hacks pouring in from the gaming world, its about time Microsoft takes note of its abilities. Today the hack came in from the┬áthe Institute of […]

Tweet The bigger the better! LG today announced in a press release that it plans to demo the world’s only largest 3D TV LCD-LED display. The TV measuring at a massive 72” is the world’s largest full LED-backlit LCD 3D TV. Its sleak looks make it look like a real […]

Tweet Sears today announced the launch of its new online movie downloading service called Alphaline Entertainment. It has similar functionality like Amazon’s Video on Demand service. Alphaline lets you buy or rent movies the same day as they are released on DVD making it a real challenge to Netflix and […]

Tweet Rumors about the Verizon iPhone are heating up while many blogs are reporting that Skype will bring video calling on Verizon’s iPhone. There were some posts on that hinted at the possibility of this fact. Skype also posted some details about how to use video calls over iPhone […]

Tweet New systems are being built to deal with the illegal immigration issue and technology is in the forefront. A new underground border-monitoring system is to be put in place to secure the 2,000 mile border that US shares with Mexico. The system called Helios uses laser pulses that are […]

Tweet A man reportedly faces five years in jail for reading his wife’s email to see if she was having an affair. The man, Leon Walker, 33, had access to his wife’s laptop at home and logged on to her Gmail account which led to the revelation that his wife, […]