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23andmeHow about a very unique gift that can tell you everything about your DNA and won’t break your bank? The genetic company 23andme, run by Sergey – Google founder’s wife, is offering a sale on a DNA test for a limited time. Until December 25th, you can get yourself a DNA test for $99 which normally costs $499. Thats a whopping $400 off!

What will spending $99 get you? The results are analyzed and would help map ancestry and family heritage and can also indicate if a person carries an inheritable disease. The test can also indicate a risk for certain health problems and can provide useful information about how a person may respond to medications. The test promises to provide enough foresight and understanding of a person to himself.

Walgreens and CVS were also having a $20 to $30 DNA testing kits which the FDA blocked citing clearance. 23andme offers DNA analysis but does not sequence a person’s entire DNA. It analyzes only a small subset looking for variations.

Once purchased the company sends you a kit, where you are to collect your spit in the tube and ship it back in a prepaid envolope back to the 23andme lab. After 6 to 8 weeks of analysis, the lap posts your results which can be checked on their website.

The idea of a cheap DNA analysis sounds great but are we willing to give our private info including DNA to Google?

You can order one here.

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