Tweet Well you are not serious are you? No we won’t show you how to sell your supposedly famous Blogspot blog, but we will show you how to transfer it to another account after you have sold it, which is equally or infact more important! Blogspot is an ideal place […]

Tweet iFixit today opened up the Google Nexus S and revealed some interesting facts about it. iFixit reported that the Nexus S doesn’t differ too much from the Galaxy S smartphones. iFixit said that Samsung used a clever trick to get its Super AMOLED Contour Display to work. Nexus S […]

Tweet Looks like iTunes is leading the pack in the online music market. Despite heavy competition between numerous vendors iTunes has managed to actually increase its market share. iTunes makes up about 66.2 percent of the online music market according to new numbers from NPD while Amazon came in second with […]

Tweet LHC’s answering a lot of questions and also creating a lot more. Earlier this week physicists and scientists at the LHC announced in a paper where some forms of string theory were put to test. When the theory was tested, ideally LHC should have been able to produce small […]

Tweet Sony today has announced that it will be working on a new official app for iPhone and Android based smartphones. This new app is the official Playstation App that would let you play a number of Playstation games and also lets you use its network features. The app will […]

Tweet Looks like Dell Venue pro is doing quite good and Dell is coming out with an Android version of the device called the DellVenue. DellVenue was announed in Korea. It has a 4.1 inch AMOLED screen and uses curved Gorilla glass on the front panel which gives it a […]


Tweet How about a very unique gift that can tell you everything about your DNA and won’t break your bank? The genetic company 23andme, run by Sergey – Google founder’s wife, is offering a sale on a DNA test for a limited time. Until December 25th, you can get yourself […]

Tweet Looks like everyone knew this would happen. The first interactive sex game for Kinect is being developed by an Australian sex game developer ThriXXX. This is the same company behind 3D SexVilla and other titles. The company said that it was able to make the game thanks to the […]

Tweet Google today disappointed many who were eagerly awaiting its announcement of the winner of the Google Fiber initiative. Google had earlier said that the winner will be announced by the end of the year but today reportedly delayed it into 2011. For all those towns and cities that were […]

Tweet Looks like security equipment manufacturers have found the answer to not only scarring away burglars but also annoying them terribly. A United Kingdom based alarm monitoring company has developed what it claims to be the world’s most annoying alarm and we don’t disagree. The VuVutech 5000 is what the company […]