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3d-tv-toshibaLooks like Toshiba is making a push to lead the 3D TV market despite the slow consumer response. It is being reported that Toshiba is planning to release a glass-free 40 inch 3D TV in 2011. In October this year, Toshiba said it would bring out glasses-free 3D TV by the end of 2010 while rivals like Sony and LG said that the technology won’t be ready for years.
Initially it was thought that smaller 3D TV models can be made glasses free but anything more than 20 inches posed an issue. Toshiba said that many people were more inclined at buying a 30 to 50 inch TV rather than a smaller one and a glasses free TV of over 40 inches in size would make it a desired product.
The market however is skeptical on Toshiba’s claim. Many companies do not want to rush into the market with any new 3D TV technology before saturating the current TV market. Toshiba’s new claim might upset the market considering many consumers might think twice and wait for Toshiba’s glass-less 3D TV instead.

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