Tweet Looks like Sprint is going to start off the new year with some goodies! Spring is offering a buy one get one free deal for its Samsung Conquer 4G for $49.99 instead of asking $99.99 (Conquer 4G’s existing price). In order to take advantage of this deal, you’ll have […]

Tweet This is simply awesome. Intel and Micron's joint venture IMFT had recently announced that it has produced a 128Gb die. This package combining eight such dies together would be small enough to fit on a fingertip and boast an unprecedented 128GB capacity. This is awesome news as this can […]

Tweet Today comScore research published their research results for the U.S. smartphone market in November and it's nothing new but a reassuring fact that Android continues to grow in the market and RIM's share keeps shrinking. The BlackBerry smartphone OS market share shrunk by 0.6% since last month leaving BlackBerry […]

Tweet We had reported yesterday about that annoying 2$ convenience fee from Verizon for paying your bill using your mobile phone. Today Verizon caught the attention of the FCC with that announcement and dropped that decision. This only shows how these monopolizing tele firms are at will to increase few […]

Tweet Looks like nothing is impossible with Legos! A big fan of CERN from Denmark has built a Lego scale model of the Large Hadron Collider! The nerd Sasha Mehlhase decided to build a scale model after spending a few thousand euros. The resulting scale model is the Atlas detector, […]

Tweet Today there is some news about cloud backup being introduced to Windows phones. For 2012, Microsoft is said to be working on getting the cloud backup feature to its Windows phones, a feature similar to the Apple Cloud. According to a recent job listing for Microsoft the company is […]

Tweet Techeye today morning reported that Apple has just received a patent which brings in AI to the iPads allowing it to recognize and react to the owner of the iPad. The patent allows Apple to build a system where the iPad can intelligently use it's forward camera and recognize its […]

Tweet Samsung is having some huge plans for 2012. Samsung sold about 325 million phones in 2011! Thats an astronomical number that Samsung wants to surpass next year with wanting to reach targets as big as 374 million. Samsung also expects to sell a lot of smartphones again, and has […]

Tweet This is a cool one of you are always hooked to your iPad. The Swingholder is a tablet stand with a counterweight. That counter weight and arm allow you to possession the iPad right where you want it and it will stay with ease. You can also adjust it […]

Tweet I know I am crazy to have this on the front page article but I couldn't resist! Japanese are crazy for their ideas and it's only getting better and better. Japanese vending machines have been known to dispense some of the craziest stuff ever and check this out – […]