Tweet Techcrunch today reported that Google was in the process of acquiring the movie recommendation site fflick for about $10 million. It was indicated that Google was keen at hiring some of the talent behind this startup company and buying it out was one way of doing that. Fflick is […]

Tweet Today Bloomberg had an article that directly points to the fact that the Credit Card days are numbered. Many rumors have been around that the iPad2 and the iPhone 5 will be equipped with NFC technology, short for Near Field Communications. This NFC technology will let you use your […]

Tweet Did you know Android already uses artificial intelligence! Well the swiftkey app uses it and thats for sure! The SwiftKey app offers an alternative for the native android keyboard and claims to use artificial intelligence concepts to make typing a great experience. SwiftKey’s artificial intelligence technology predicts next words […]

Tweet Engadget reported today that Verizon might be killing its 15$, 150MB data plan for its smartphones. The plan was first announced sometime back and now with the announcement of the data hog iPhone4, Verizon is planning to drop the 150MB per month plan. Some call this a smart move […]

Tweet This had to happen, students at the University of Notre Dame favored iPads over textbooks as an e-reader. A recent research also revealed that the students enjoyed studying using their new gadgets. The research provided forty project management students with iPads on a yearlong loan for the eReader project. […]

Tweet Today, the gadget community was abuzz with the leak of the Samsung Galazy Tab 2 whose specs were leaked along with a teaser video. The new Galaxy Tab is a successor to the original Galaxy Tab and boasts of faster performance and more rich features along with the latest […]


Tweet A new study published in the journal Energy Policy claims that there is a strong possibility that the world will achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. Researchers and scientists came to this conclusion based on different sources of energy available and its total estimated outputs. The renewable energies […]

Tweet Thanks to some sloppy programming, Mozilla announced thatThanks to some sloppy programming, Mozilla announced that it will be blocking the Skype Toolbar add-on and remotely disable it for all existing users due it will be blocking the Skype Toolbar add-on and remotely disable it for all existing users due […]

Tweet Have you noticed that Gingerbread updates for Android devices and phones is not here yet! Carrier’s are yet to update the Android devices that they offer with Gingerbread OS, Android’s newest OS. Android lacks a developer-to-user base similar to Apple which makes it harder to push updates over the […]