Tweet Google has some things going on that might shape up the company to deal with new competitors like Facebook and Groupon. Google’s present CEO Eric Schmidt is moving to an Executive Chairman position while Google’s cofounder Larry Page will be the new CEO of the company. Sergey Brin will […]

Tweet Today Google quietly added a new feature to its Google Maps. This new feature calculates the approximate fuel cost for your journey from point A to point B or even multiple stops. By clicking on the “Get Directions” feature the route is calculated along with the estimated fuel cost […]

Tweet T-Mobile today confirmed that the 4G HSPA+ version of their T-Mobile Sidekick and Samsung Galaxy S phones will be coming soon to its arsenal of phones. T-Mobile USA CEO Philipp Humm said, “We will launch the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and soon we will also launch a Sidekick 4G. Everybody […]

Tweet Good news for Google Voice users. Google Voice will soon allow its users to have a central phone number for all their mobile devices for a price of $20. Google recently started testing a number porting service for Google Voice with a select group of users. It does have […]

Tweet This had to happen! Playboy yesterday announced that an uncensored version of the famous magazine will be available on the iPad. However Steve Jobs has enforced a ban on anything adult on the iPad. But a tweet from Playboy founder Hue Hefner read, “Big news! Playboy–both old & new–will […]


Tweet A Seattle-based design engineer Michael Princip came up with a new helmet concept that promises to reduce if not eliminate injuries caused due to concussions in the game of football. The new concept is being called Bulwark and boasts of modern engineering concepts that prevent concussions and neck injuries. […]

Tweet Today Nintendo announced that its much anticipated Nintendo 3DS will be available for sale starting March 27 for $249. Nintendo’s president Reggie Fils-Aime gave details and features of the glassless 3D handheld gaming device. The 3DS will be coming in with two colors, aqua blue and black. There is […]