Tweet Engadget today reportedly leaked some specs and pictures of HP’s new webOS tablet codenamed Opal. Engadget also released a second model snaps codenamed Topaz. Some specs of Topaz include a front-facing camera and buttonless bezel. It is reported that most models will be out by september. Topaz tablet comes […]

Tweet San Antonio, Texas based Rackspace has launched its Cloud hosting service in Europe today with its UK cloud service datacenter. The cloud service will offer Cloud Files and Cloud storage. Rackspace’s cloud service is based on OpenStack Objevt Storage and provides instant scalable cloud-based storage for backups or easy […]

Tweet Will this bring down sales? Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in an interview with USA Today has suggested that the Xbox is for boys and the Kinect add-on was for girls! While describing Xbox’s family appeal, Ballmer told USA Today that the average 15-year old boy would prefer an Xbox […]

Tweet iPad 2 rumors and spec leaks are coming in more frequently, now that April is right around the corner. It was reported today that the iPad 2 will feature a high-resolution Retina display and will be powered by a dual-core graphics chip. This would allow iPad 2 to play 1080p […]

Tweet Firefox creators Mozilla announced today the release of its ninth beta of Firefox 4. This new version of the browser is quite mature at this stage of development cycle with focus largely on bug fixing and improving user experience. Mozilla blog today announced that the beta was ready for […]

Tweet Steve Jobs today announced in a company wide email that he was taking indefinite leave of absence from his duties as the CEO of Apple due to his health. He is said to want to focus back on improving his health which rumors suggest has been deteriorating lately. This […]


Tweet It is that all Techy’s are addicted to browsing the net, shopping or just doing nothing on the internet. Tech companies usually are not bothered by this however, it does cut into their productivity and employee efficiency. Lets start this Monday with a pledge to not be lazy! Lets […]

Tweet 500 Million users and counting, Facebook has stirred up a storm in the social networking world. But how many of these users are addicted to Facebook? Recently Facebook said that it has about 56 Million active montly users, thats a lot but when compared to the signed up users […]

Tweet Facebook games are doing great! Zynga’s latest Facebook game has brought in more than 100 million users within a mount of its launch and the number seems to be growing. Today Zynga reported that it had 100,064,578 active montly users. This number surpasses Facebook’s active monthly users which is […]

Tweet A recent poll conducted by market firm ChangeWave says that about 16% of AT&T customers are ready to switch to the Verizon’s network after Verizon launches its iPhone next month. The firm said that while AT&T’s network showed some improvements recently, it wasn’t enough to keep these 16% of […]