Tweet The open source community is not keeping Sony happy and why should they after Sony locked out its PS3 by updating it. GEOHOT, who is well known for his iPhone hack has revealed the root keys for the PS3 on his website. George Hotz who goes by the alias […]

Tweet Soon you will be using your PC without the keyboard and the mouse. PrimeSense, the creators of Kinect for XBox360 has announced that it will be designing motion-sensing controller for PCs. The company also said that it is working with Asus to make such a device while Asus is […]

Tweet Meizu M9 had a great start in the New Year in China. Hundreds gathered in front of the company’s stores which showed that it will be a success in China. Engadget reported that more than 60 people were lined up by 6am with the first few showing up as […]

Tweet It is a known fact of the last year that consumer electronic companies were putting in every effort to push out and increase sales in the 3D television market. However, beyond this reasonable effort, there are concerns over the effect the hardware might have on the human visual system. […]