Tweet Today the US Justice Department has sued to block AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile. Bloomberg reported that the government filed charges that the absorption of T-Mobile would violate antitrust laws. “AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low-priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market,” the document […]

Tweet Looks like Samsung wants Apple to sue them. Samsung on Tuesday brought in a new line of notebooks. Some of these notebooks have features similar to a Apple MacBook Pro, including an oversized, ‘buttonless’ trackpad, illuminated keys and aluminum across most of the body. Samsung says that the 15.6-inch […]

Tweet Looks like Apple is all about no discounts to any one! Financial Times App will no longer be available in the app store after being pulled out by Apple over a disagreement over how Apple would collect payments from the newspaper. Apple wanted to treat all in-app purchases; whether […]

Tweet We heard about the possible Amazon tablet which might be out soon but today new info suggests that the tablet might be out in 2012. Foxconn was tipped by Digitimes as the manufacturer of the Amazon tablet which is slated to run Android. It’s not clear what the features […]

Tweet Looks like pirate bay is giving in to legal pressure to comply. Pirate Bay yesterday launched new one-click download site Bayfiles. Unlike The Pirate Bay, Bayfiles will directly host the content but will provide no search function; users must have a specific download URL to retrieve material. Such systems […]

Tweet It is being reported that DC Comics is offering entertainment via digital means. DC Comics is all set to make a giant leap in the sale of comics electronically by completely overhauling the entire medium. Beginning on Wednesday with the launch of the new Justice League comic, DC will […]

Tweet Market analysts are all excited about Amazon’s new plans to sell its new Android tablet. Rumors are that Amazon will sell its Android tablet for about $200 less than the Apple iPad. The market has seen the potential of cheap tablets after HP’s failed TabletPc that went viral after […]

Tweet A new game is being much awaited by the Apple community. UNAgames which is basically a 2 person iOS dev team from Italy is getting ready to release their much awaited game on September 1st. The game called ‘Tapsteroids’ and available as a universal app for both iPhone/iPod touch […]

Tweet Looks like leaked iPhones are the talk of the town! Internet today reported that leaked iPhone components and parts have been surfacing with the most recent prototype part relating to the allusive iPhone ‘N94′ prototype. Rumors are that the next iPhone will feature a large screen and an edge-to-edge […]

Tweet Astronomers have found the remains of a once-massive star which has now transformed into a solid diamond five times bigger than Earth. This planet circles a pulsing companion star about 4,000 light years from Earth in the constellation Serpens which is about one-eighth of the way toward the center […]