Tweet VMware has announced that it will change its pricing scheme for vSphere 5 after its initial plans left current users staring down the barrel of hefty price hikes, and evaluating competing products. Pricing of vSphere 4 is tied to the amount of physical memory and number of processor sockets […]

Tweet RIM announced the next generation BlackBerry phones it brought in a ton of new features in the phone. Better augmented reality apps, impressively stylish design, fluid-smooth interface and of course, a brand-new web browser.RIM has employed something it calls as Liquid Graphics that sprawls right from the device‚Äôs homescreen […]

Tweet Apple held a surprise for the later part of the day on Monday by launching for developers as a beta. The pages take on many of the non-media tasks of MobileMe but use a visually much richer interface made to look both like iOS as well as the […]

Tweet EA is always on the lookout for new ways to monetize gaming content, but the company’s new program, launching today, is blazing some particularly innovative new ground. For $25 a year, gamers can sign up for the “Season Ticket” program, and enjoy a variety of savings and bonuses. The […]

Tweet iPhone 5 rumors are exploding in the market and today we have a picture of the iPhone 5! Now its up to you to decide if this seems like a genuine iPhone 5 or is it just another hoax? The high-resolution photo surfaced and it looks like these images […]

Tweet Blizzard has revealed that any player who is interested in playing the upcoming Diablo III will have to be constantly logged into the service and maintain a continuous Internet connection. The company says that this is necessary because Diablo III is deeply integrated with and Blizzard is […]

Tweet Google has now overtaken Firefox to be the most used browser in the UK. According to StatCounter’s latest data, Google Chrome is now the second most popular web browser in the UK, overtaking Firefox on its way to possibly becoming the most used browser in the country. Google Chrome […]

Tweet We have had Apple rumors all over the place. Now there is another one to gossip about. iPhone 5 was being expected to be launched this September and also was expected to coincide with iOS 5. However a new rumor is out that says it will actually be delayed […]