Tweet German authorities are reported to be working on a way to block the Facebook ‘like’ button due to allegations of data harvesting by the social media giant. The Data Protection Commissioner’s Office in the German federal state of Schlswig-Holstein has demanded that “all institutions” remove social plug-ins such as […]

Tweet This is the closest and coolest thing yet! Augmented reality using an iPad! A new iPad 2 game called Ball invasion might well be worth a look. Ball invasion allows you to interact with your home or surroundings in a totally new way even allowing you to bounce balls […]

Tweet This is truly an awesome deal! After admitting to killing the touchpad line, HP slashed its webOS based touchpad to 99$! HP has decided to liquidate all remaining TouchPad tablet stock by cutting the price down hopes to get that final stock out.The slash and burn started yesterday at […]

Tweet The world’s first airport for unmanned aircraft is opening in rural Wales and officials say it could be the first step to getting human and robot -piloted craft together in the same airspace. The United Kingdom’s Civilian Aviation Authority has just granted permission for both the West Wales Airport […]

Tweet Looks like Apple is going down the bad books of not providing proper privacy to its customers. Nearly 27,000 South Koreans filed a $26 million class-action lawsuit this morning against Apple for alleged privacy violations stemming from the company’s unauthorized collection of iPhone users location information. The suit follows […]

Tweet There was a new report from Wall Street Journal that said that the release date of the iPad 3 is scheduled to be sometime in early 2012. The report also mentions that the device will have a high resolution 2048 x 1536 pixel Retina Display which is quadruple the […]

Tweet It is being reported today that the electronics giant retailer Harvey Norman has ordered its franchisees to pull thousands of WebOS-powered HP TouchPads off the shelves today after HP said overnight that it would no longer be producing the device. ZDNet today reported that Harvey Norman’s general manager of […]

Tweet RIM, the maker of Blackberry is reportedly developing its own music service called BBM Music, according to Wall Street Journal. The service may launch as soon as next week, and is said to work with RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger system.The sources claim that BBM Music isn’t meant to compete with […]

Tweet Joining the league of Star Wars memorabilia is the Stormtrooper Star Wars bicycle which is truly awesome looking! The bicycle has been designed by Max Denisov from Rastabike BC, who is known for expertise in producing customized versions of merchandise. This has ensured that the overall appeal and the […]