Tweet It is being reported that a rumor going around that Russia and Europe have been secretly working on sending a manned mission to Mars in an effort to beat USA to it. This report was fueled by the recent announcement by the head of the European Space Agency (ESA) […]

Tweet Logitech today came out with a new gaming PC mouse model, the G300, that happens to have a lot of features you would see in an expensive mouse. The big difference is that the G300’s price is a bit more reasonable at $39.99. The mouse itself has an optical […]

Tweet It is being reported that Hewlett-Packard could be getting ready to spin off its PC side of the business. Bloomberg reported today that the company could announce its decision to get rid of its PC division as early as today as part of its quarterly financial announcement. It was […]

Tweet AT&T has decided to update its messaging options and on August 21st its $10 Messaging 1000 plan, which gives you 1,000 text messages a month, will be retired. The only option then available is the Messaging Unlimited plan which doubles the price to $20. Current customers taking advantage of […]

Tweet Verizon customers are ditching Android phones for iPhones. According to a report Verizon’s customer base appears to be shifting away from Android devices towards the iPhone. Chitika which monitors the OS and device breakdown across its ad network to spot trends in device usage. According to the firm, Verizon’s […]


Tweet Looks like computers will soon learn and think like humans. Venture Beat reported today that IBM who recently got its super computer Watson to successfully play in the TV game show Jeopardy, has announced it is working on a design for a new computer chip that will emulate how […]

Tweet Skype introduced Skype Access which is also known as Skype Wi-Fi. The app will allow users to access over a million hotspots in convention centers, hotels, airports, and other places. Using Skype WiFi will not require use of an expensive hourly or daily WiFi voucher. Instead, users will pay […]

Tweet Some of the world’s most expensive flip flops are here! So if you have about $18,000 to throw away at a pair, they might be just for you! 1. Chipko Flip flops Most expensive flip flopsMost expensive flip flops Price : $ 18,000 For the brand conscious people who […]