Tweet Looks like US Federal regulators are likely to approve Google’s deal to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn, leaving the main hurdle to cross in Europe with the European Commission EC.Google needs to get approval from the US Federal Trade Commission FTC, the EC, the Texas attorney general, and the […]

Tweet This is truly shocking. Privacy advocates have been worrying about this and this is now really happening! The parent company of Broken Thumbs Apps—a prominent iOS app maker responsible for games like Zombie Duck Hunt, Truth or Dare, and Emily’s Dress Up—has today settled with the Federal Trade Commission […]

Tweet This is nice! We had reported about another iPhone tracking app and this is something better? McAfee has released its Wavesecure security software to individual Iphone users. McAfee’s Wavesecure software had previously been available to business users through the firm’s Enterprise Mobility Manager, but it is now available to […]

Tweet Is this the real deal? It is being reported that Apple has sent its upcoming device to its carrier partners for lab testing, by adding more information to the recent report BGR comes up with an exclusive report from their sources that they got evidence that carriers are testing […]

Tweet Looks like Google wants to go all out in the mobile war. Google has been acquiring many companies but this is by far the biggest! Google announced plans to acquire Motorola Mobility this morning for $12.5 billion in cash. One of Google’s biggest motivations for the purchase is to […]


Tweet The city of Cupertino has posted Apple’s proposal for its already high-profile “spaceship” offices East of its current building. It clarifies the details and shows that the building will occupy about 2.8 million square feet with offices as well as a 300,000 square foot research and development headquarters. It […]


Tweet Privacy issues all over again! All the phone numbers in your phone are now on Facebook, warns an alarmed statement making the rounds on the social network, and the numbers are there whether you’ve allowed the site access to them or not. That’s not exactly true, Facebook argues, noting […]

Tweet Techeye was reporting that the new datacenter that Apple was working on is nothing but a hoax. It has found that Apple has spent a fortune on creating a huge expensive data centre which is actually just an empty building. For a while now Apple has been touting the […]

Tweet We had recently reported on the Apple vs Samsung battle. It appears that Samsung has misled the public over its knowledge of the Apple tablet injunction. Information coming from a court report has shown that Samsung has been telling some porky pies about just how shocked it was to […]