Tweet Shazam, the music identification service that can tell you song information just by hearing a sample of the music has a much awaited update for us all today. Following the rise in the smartphone popularity in these times, the service has removed its 5 tags per month limit to […]

Tweet Rumor is around that Research In Motion (RIM) is planning abandoning the PlayBook? However RIM fought back to squash mounting speculation that suggests it may have pulled the plug on its QNX-powered BlackBerry PlayBook. Initial rumours began emerging earlier this week after several leading American retail outlets slashed $200 […]

Tweet We are getting some early reports today that Amazon might be eyeing HP’s failed Palm! Amazon has already been in the spot light with the Kindle fire launch and now might take its assault on the iPad to the next level by buying the Palm from HP for a […]

Tweet Nokia’s luxury phone division has chruned out a new phone for the rich and the wealthy. Vertu, started by Nokia Oyj’s then-chief designer Frank Nuovo in 1998 is the luxury device which has sold more than 300,000 phones in the last decade and seen “high double-digit sales growth” since […]

Tweet Microsoft is going all out to challenge Apple and Google’s dominance in the smartphone market. Apparantly Microsoft and Samsung have agreed to share patents in an attempt to get an edge over the superiors and to be able to introduce better products than the other two. Microsoft will receive […]

Tweet Now check your Facebook and Tweet from 30,000 feet up in the air. According to a report, almost all of the US flights are being equipped with Wi-Fi service which allows the travellers to be able to access internet while in flight. According to In Stat, the USA setting […]

Tweet ARS is reporting a possible move by Apple to kill its iPod classic range! Apple’s line of iconic music players has seemingly been demoted in favor of iOS. With the fast approaching ten-year anniversary of the introduction of the original iPod—a milestone that highlights the iPod’s incredible success over […]

Tweet Now is this really creative and worth $350?  A smartly designed super expensive Bonsai Tree that charges your iPhone! Homeowners are taking on the initial cost of installing photovoltaic panels in hopes of reaping the energy cost savings in the future, seriously?! Introducing Vivien Muller’s Electree. The bonsai tree […]

Tweet Mozilla has released its much awaited new version of its Firefox web browser! This update makes the browser to use lesser memory as firefox has been infamous to drain the memory of a machine! The new release also includes some improvements to hardware-accelerated rendering on Windows, support for the […]