Tweet It is being reported that Amazon will unveil this Wednesday, September 28: The Kindle Fire. Rumors about Amazon’s upcoming tablet have been circulating for some time now, and while details have trickled here and there, the whole enchilada will make its first appearance at a press conference that Amazon […]

Tweet Facebook is facing some tough music in Europe. After being infamous for not respecting privacy of its users, the European Data Protection is forcing Facebook to become more transparent about the user data it holds. Turns out Facebook isn’t really immune from the European laws! Facebook’s Section 18 of […]

Tweet Looks like Google has taken another bite out of Apple, with its recent hiring of a Facebook iPad developer Jeff Verkoeyen. This brings to question if this move is from the long delayed release of the Facebook iPad app. It turns out that the major reason for Jeff Verkoeyen’s […]

Tweet Researchers are saying that software that was previously used to monitor news stories for the government has actually been enhanced to be able to predict revolutions. Techeye reported that according to Singularity Hub, software developed by Kalev Leetaru at the University of Illinois’ Institute for Computing in the Humanities, […]

Tweet TechCrunch today reported some interesting facts about PayPal which it released to public. PayPal says that it saw $3,650 in Total Payment Volume every second in Q2 2011 which means PayPal is processing around $315.3 million in payments per day. The payment platform is seeing about 5 million transactions […]

Tweet After Starz declared that it would no longer tie up with Netflix, the new shocker is Netflix signed a new deal with DreamWorks! The company has signed a deal with DreamWorks Animation, the animation studio behind blockbuster hits such as Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and Shrek. DreamWorks passed on […]

Tweet We had reported earlier that Amazon was working on Kindle lending system where Kindle books can be checked out from libraries. Well this has finally happened! Amazon kicked off its Kindle lending library which allows Kindle and Kindle app users to borrow Amazon’s e-books from thousands of libraries across […]

Tweet Here we go again! Another day and another iPhone 5 rumor. Seriously this might really not be iPhone 5 and actually be iPhone 4GS. But what ever it is, AllThingsD is reporting that Apple has a scheduled media even for Tuesday October 4th and will be headed by the […]

Tweet This is really cool, would be cooler if it came any smaller but this will do for now! An iPhone case that actually charges your iPhone as well!? Well that’s what Etón has released a new case called the Mobius NSP300B Rechargeable Battery Case for the iPhone 4. It […]