Tweet Will the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 also face the same fate as the HP TouchPad? Today Samsung announced its pricing for the Galaxy Tab. Reportedly the tablet will land in Best Buy stores and will be available for your purchase in a week. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 features an […]

Tweet If you had a brilliant idea of using your iPad as a huge remote control, Logitech Harmony link will make your life easier! Logitech‘s Harmony Link device turns the iPad or smartphone itself into a one-touch remote control for your TV. Logitech is announcing its ideas on how to  […]

Tweet We reported yesterday that there is a strong change of Google Wallet service going live today and it has happened! Google’s Wallet service is officially available according to a post on the official Google blog. The owners of Sprint’s Nexus S 4G and a Citi Mastercard will be able […]

Tweet HP today has began to lay off its employees from the Palm division. The company said that reductions were part of the recent decision to totally end webOS and that this decision was to be executed by Oct 31. HP’s move comes after its disastrous launch of the TouchPad […]

Tweet Samsung is continuing to fight Apple with lawsuit after lawsuit! Samsung is planning to put a block on selling iPhone 5 in Korea according to the Korea Times. Samsung is already working on a case to present in the courts to allow for a such a ban to be […]

Tweet There is a latest invention going around the net that I am not sure who would be really interested in, Military maybe? A group of researchers at the University of Electro-Communication in Japan of the Kajimoto group have developed a device which takes gaming experience to a complete new […]

Tweet Google is finally launching the Google Wallet today after its initial introduction almost 4 months ago. Partners are receiving a notice telling them that the NFC (near-field communications) tap-to-pay service will be ready to use anywhere a MasterCard PayPass terminal is active. TechCrunch reported that the service is only […]

Tweet Netflix today in a blog announced that they will be renaming their DVD by mail service into a new spin off called Qwikster. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says that the move was prompted due to the two services streaming and DVD-by-mail slowly becoming two different businesses with different models […]