Tweet GG reported an interesting find. A Star Wars AT-AT cake that was baked and created by Rachel Klemek, owner of BlackMarket Bakery. It has been constructed using gingerbread to created the main panels of the AT-AT, and finished using icing to pick out the details. The cake looks awesome […]

Tweet Seriously WOW! We never thought this would happen but looks like Microsoft will be coming to Apple’s iPad in 2012, according to a report. With the proven success of Apple iPod, looks like Microsoft is realizing that and is said to be working on introducing the full suite of […]

Tweet Alright so now Motorola’s Droid 4 is reported to have its picture and specs leaked on the internet. Motorola was reported to have announcement soon and looks like their marketing team wanted to warm up the market and we all know how that goes. “Oh! someone leaked the pictures”, […]

Tweet Finally, something cute! A Chuck Norris plush toy! How tough you ought to feel to have this beside you at all time.. The Neatoshop is having this toy for sale and its product page even has a couple of those Chuck Norris facts-memes plus a few extra details—it measures […]

Tweet BlackBerry is now trying new ways to see if the market will be lured towards it. BlackBerry London is now rumored  to be the most exciting device RIM has ever made. It not only has looks of the Porsche Design P9881 BlackBerry, it’s also set to come with RIM’s […]

Tweet In its latest offering of what have been called the Google Killer, Siri’s founders – the DARPA-commissioned artificial-intelligence project launched Trapit in public beta Tuesday as a personalized discovery engine for the web. The service offers users a search-free, sit-back-and-relax way to stumble upon news articles, images, videos, recipes […]

Tweet After a long awaited wait, Minecraft will now finally be finished and will be going to a Gold release at the end of this week! A tweet from Minecraft’s creator Markus “Notch” Persson confirmed that the game was now ready for a Gold release simply saying : “So, yes, […]