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Today internet reported that Lenovo bought in its first TV with Android 4.0! The K91 Smart TV is based on Android 4.0, not Google TV, and uses a completely new Sandwich UI that focuses on traditional TV, VOD with a viewing history, and Internet-aware apps. It also includes a unique set of controls and the remote is capable of taking a voice command and a microphone along with capacitive touch. It also has a motion sensor inside that lets gamers use Nintendo Wii-like gestures without having to get a separate remote.

Both Android Market and a custom Lenovo Store make apps available to the set beyond its base features. Lenovo's actual TV skews towards the high end with a 55-inch, 240Hz, passive-glasses 3D display using IPS (in-plane switching) to get better color accuracy and viewing angles. A Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 dual-core chip is inside and, while not fast for smartphones, is much more powerful than what's in many Internet-capable TVs and allows for 3D gaming. Four USB ports, HDMI, and a microSDHC slot give it peripheral support more akin to a smartphone.

The K91 is available immediately in China and for the world later. No prices have been reported.

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