Tweet So as I was working, my colleague who was fairly new called me and wondered why he can’t add two hypervisors into the same cluster and get HA to work right. Hypervisor 1 had HA ok but hypervisor 2 had a HA error. Now on further looking at the […]

Tweet So I was working on a config and suddenly noticed that the disk was full and the vm halted! Now I was stunned to notice this. Usually I like to keep my disks at the 20% buffer that vmware recommends. On examining the log, I see that a clone […]

Tweet So today I had a customer complain of some slow performance on his vms. His cluster was not over subscribed on its resources but I saw his database vms having ready times of about 80ms. I quickly concluded that it was high CPU Ready time. Oh and by the […]

Tweet Google's rumored heads-up display glasses should become real this year, insiders maintained Tuesday. Multiple staffers told the New York Times that the Android-based glasses would go on sale in 2012 and cost as much as typical smartphones, which the newspaper interpreted as between $250 to $600. Google was being […]

Tweet In a technical tour de force, physicists have spotted long-sought low-energy neutrinos zipping from the sun. The discovery confirms one of the first possible steps in the fusion cycle that helps power the star, says Cristiano Galbiati, a physicist at Princeton University and member of the large international team […]

Tweet Writing in its latest issue, XBW’s sources report the next Xbox “will be a matt-black media hub with a mission to bring games to life in your living room with augmented reality, directional sound, and a four-player, finger-tracking Kinect.” The mag claims Microsoft is experimenting with a tablet-like controller […]

Tweet Android may be the most widely adopted mobile platform, but iOS is where the real money is at. According to CNet, Samsung and Apple together accounted for 95% of mobile phone profits earned during the fourth quarter of last year, with the iPhone manufacturer taking a massive 80% of […]

Tweet Recently we learned that it is probable that the intruders obtained a copy of a backup file with information about Steam transactions between 2004 and 2008. This backup file contained user names, email addresses, encrypted billing addresses and encrypted credit card information. It did not include Steam passwords. We […]

Tweet One of the fun features included in Soulcalibur V is the ability to create your own characters. While many of you may have been spending time re-creating fighters in your image, Japanese blog Esuteru took it upon itself to place a number of recognizable characters and people into Namco […]

Tweet Logic3 is an accessories company that makes some of the best stuff in the business. Lately, the company‚Äôs focus on high-end audio products has led it to a partnership with Ferrari. The R200 is one of a few products within the Scuderia branding; a line that crosses in-ear headphones […]