Dell Streak will be out soon which is a 5 inch Android tablet. However different hook-ups are already coming out to this much anticipated Android tablet. Folks at StreakSmart have come up with a way to use the Logitech 5 inch wireless keyboard called DiNovo Mini to be used with the Streak, making it into a mini-laptop.

The DiNovo Mini is a bluetooth keyboard and it looks as if its a match made in heaven! The Dell Streak is equipped with Bluetooth so the keyboard adds to it seamlessly. The keyboard also has a built-in touchpad to scroll through the web pages and menus, a good alternative for not having a mouse.

The Logitech DiNovo Mini is on sale for a little over $100. It seems a little pricy considering how much the Streak would cost. However it is surely great for folks who would use the Streak extensively for email, text or chat!

Enjoy the video