Tweet Many companies came up with some innovative inventions back in the 80’s however not all made it to the market. Nintendo launched the Famicon in 1983 in Japan. It had two controllers and its later versions also had a keyboard. However in the West, Famicon faced a different fate. […]

Tweet Now if you are planning to climb the Mount Everest and are worried about not being able to update your Facebook or Twitter account, worry no more. Thanks to TeliaSonera and its subsidiary in Nepal, Ncell have bought 3G to the Mount Everest. China Mobile back in 2007 had […]

Tweet This is some thing new. According to Scientists at Queen’s University, humans could be used to provide high speed wireless Internet through the use of wearable sensors! This is part of a new science called “science of body centric communications” which is seeing major progress lately and scientists claim […]

Tweet Having a website is one thing, but having an catchy domain name will simply mean money! is the world’s most valued web address according to online domain auctioneer, The web address recently got sold for a million dollars!  The domain was owned by Escom LLC which sold […]