Tweet This is a interesting concept of having a touchpad film on your laptop. You download a small application and apply this film on your laptop’s touchpad transforming it into a handy number pad! The touchpad, number pad can be enable or disable via a hotkey and allows those missing […]

Tweet GG reported an interesting find. A Star Wars AT-AT cake that was baked and created by Rachel Klemek, owner of BlackMarket Bakery. It has been constructed using gingerbread to created the main panels of the AT-AT, and finished using icing to pick out the details. The cake looks awesome […]

Tweet Finally, something cute! A Chuck Norris plush toy! How tough you ought to feel to have this beside you at all time.. The Neatoshop is having this toy for sale and its product page even has a couple of those Chuck Norris facts-memes plus a few extra details—it measures […]

Tweet So are you usually loosing your stuff? How about having your iPhone track it for you. Meet the BiKN system which goes on the iPhone and can connect to small tracking tags that can be put on just about anything, including yourself! 🙂 The tags are able to communicate […]

Tweet The rich can afford this. A Swiss master designer Yves Béhar has designed a $60,000 cell phone that is all surrounded by pure Gold. The 18ct Gold Cell Phone is not just your ordinary phone but is a smart phone with all the features for social networking and also […]

Tweet Gaming keyboard are still hot, considering the huge number of gamers who still game on the PC! Azio introduced a rugged spill resistant gaming keyboard called Levetron Mech4. The wireless keyboard’s components have been sealed to keep liquid from getting to it’s vulnerable parts. The only rugged feature currently […]