Tweet Lamborghini’s master designer has created a limited edition Spyder supreme diamond cell phone, which is nothing short of the rich person’s fashion accessory. The cell phone comes with a prominently different shape, with a vertically tapering formation of its stainless steel body. The designing has been attributed to the […]

Tweet Joining the league of Star Wars memorabilia is the Stormtrooper Star Wars bicycle which is truly awesome looking! The bicycle has been designed by Max Denisov from Rastabike BC, who is known for expertise in producing customized versions of merchandise. This has ensured that the overall appeal and the […]

Tweet Some of the world’s most expensive flip flops are here! So if you have about $18,000 to throw away at a pair, they might be just for you! 1. Chipko Flip flops Most expensive flip flopsMost expensive flip flops Price : $ 18,000 For the brand conscious people who […]

Tweet How about a hands free HD camera? The durable, water-resistant, prosumer-level Contour+ makes a great helmet-cam. It also makes a fun spoon-cam, toothbrush-cam and skateboard-cam. Whatever you attach it to — with the three included mounts or otherwise — you’ll get an impressive 170-degree field of vision in one […]

Tweet If you have a geeky girl friend or a wife, what do you think is a perfect gift for her? A bunch of old computers will make a great gift for her. If you have a few old computers lying around you could put them to good use and […]

Tweet One of the latest gadgets from Hammacher Schlemmer labs is a digital scale. A digital scale that can measure your weight. Most traditional digital scales are designed to satisfy the mere purpose of measuring your weight and displaying it on the screen. The Hammacher Schlemmer digital scale is different. […]


Tweet While concepts are a practice in the design world that often leaves most people puzzled – are usually hit and miss, there are a few that really inspire closer scrutiny. Michel Jelinek, a Czech designer who likes his machines futuristic in the vein of Sid Mead. We couldn’t help […]

Tweet BMW’s been putting out its vision for electric vehicles and the trend continues! The German automaker has unveiled two concepts from its upcoming i sub-brand: the city-dwelling i3 and a rehashed version of its i8. This is the first time we’ve officially seen the smaller of the two, as […]