Tweet Blizzard has revealed that any player who is interested in playing the upcoming Diablo III will have to be constantly logged into the service and maintain a continuous Internet connection. The company says that this is necessary because Diablo III is deeply integrated with and Blizzard is […]

Tweet Looks like we will loose one of the good games from Steam, thanks to Valve for breaking Steam’s terms of service. This happened just as the new DLC legacy update was released from Dragon Age 2 by EA. Rather than being made available via Steam’s own client, EA chose […]

Tweet Finally, every fan of Planetside – the massively multiplayer first person shooter which was originally launched back in 2003 by Sony Online Entertainment, will have something to rejoice about. All you folks would be pleased to know that Sony has been able to create a sequel to the popular […]

Tweet One of the games I am excited about is Hoard. Hoard is a debut title from Big Sandwich Games and has the gameplay of the classic arcade games with the structure of a board game. Hoard promises a unique and addictive experience. The game was out earlier on PlayStation […]

Tweet Alright before you get all worked up, its a spoof movie for Angry Birds! Since the game is so big, why not have a movie!? Check out the video below which is quite funny in its own way. I wouldn’t mind watching the angry birds movie if it were […]

Tweet EA’s Battlefield 3 is out this morning and our first looks show us some decent gaming along with some action packed graphics. The demo that was out showed that EA has put the PC back at the center of the show with most of the graphics being worked up […]

Tweet Yesterday Nintendo 3DS was launched in Japan and almost all of the half a million units were sold out. Japanese business publication Nikkei claimed that Nintendo sold out its entire initial 400,000 3DS units in the first two days of availability. Nintendo is planning to get 1.5 million units […]

Tweet A recent industry wide survey revealed that dedicated gaming devices are loosing the battle to smart phones. The research was discussed at the Game Developers Conference. The number of DS’s and PSPs sold were at a all time low as many gamers were choosing to spend their dollars on […]

Tweet Angry Birds has seen a lot of success thanks to its addictive yet clever gaming. But there is another game around the block that is all set to take the center stage, the game called Tiny Wings. Tiny Wings has been called the latest gaming success on the iPhone […]


Tweet Sony Ericsson finally confirmed their long-rumored Playstation phone with an ad during the Super Bowl night. The phone is called the Xperia Play and will mark Sony’s entry into the smartphone market where mobile gaming is part of the smart phone. Sony aims to gain some market and be […]