Tweet Now HTC Evo 4G users will be receiving a OTA update on June 6th which will let them experience the new Android Gingerbread. However users can also update their phones manually from tomorrow. The HTC Evo 4G is a popular Android handset that has been running Android 2.2 since […]

Tweet Have you noticed that Gingerbread updates for Android devices and phones is not here yet! Carrier’s are yet to update the Android devices that they offer with Gingerbread OS, Android’s newest OS. Android lacks a developer-to-user base similar to Apple which makes it harder to push updates over the […]

Tweet Google today launched a preview video showing off its Android 3.0 also called Honeycomb. The video shows tablet features that Android 3.0 is said to offer. Google says that its Android 3.0 is a more tablet based OS while 2.4 was not really recommended for tablets. Honeycomb, as Google […]

Tweet Apple might soon face some serious competition ahead in the market. Samsung reported today that it sold 10 million of its Android based Galaxy S smart phones over the last six months. Galaxy S was launched in late June and this is quite an feat. However Galaxy S has […]


Tweet Surely Nexus One owners will be glad to hear that Nexus One can expect to get Gingerbread update over the air in the next upcoming weeks. Isn’t that a perfect Christmas gift for a geek! A tweet from Google today morning confirmed this report that Nexus One will infact […]

Tweet Looks like Dell Venue pro is doing quite good and Dell is coming out with an Android version of the device called the DellVenue. DellVenue was announed in Korea. It has a 4.1 inch AMOLED screen and uses curved Gorilla glass on the front panel which gives it a […]

Tweet Android has come a long way since it was introduced by Google and today it was being reported that Google’s Android mobile operating system has more than 100,000 applications available in its marketplace! Android Dev tweeted which said “One hundred thousand apps in Android Market”. Android marketplace is available […]