Tweet Motorola is simply giving away Droid 3 for a cheap $99. Now that the Droid 4 is out Motorola slashed the Droid 3 prices to $99. The only difference I can think of is that it lacks LTE connectivity. However Verizon Wireless has slashed the phone’s price, introducing a […]

Tweet America has some of the world’s most expensive cell phone plans and for absolutely no reason. Americans don’t protest, nor complain but are addicted to expensive phone plans. But other nations are not such. For instance, one of the many internet service providers in France launched their wireless network […]

Tweet The PlayStation Vita is expected to last for around three to five hours of battery life while playing games. The external battery connects directly to the system without needing any installation, and should provide you with up to three times the amount of power as the stock battery. The […]

Tweet Okay with the surge of Samsung mobiles and the growth in that sector, rumor is that Samsung will be numero uno when it comes to mobile devices. In an article by John Biggs at Techcrunch said that Samsung will be the next big Apple. Recently with the market surge […]

Tweet Intel has had some plans to enter the smartphone market and today it was reported that Intel has struck a deal with Lenovo and Motorola to provide Intel processors for Android based smartphones in 2012. The chips are called Intel Atom Z2460 which will power these smart phones. In […]

Tweet Looks like the worlds cheapest tablet will have some competition. A new tablet has entered the India tablet market from Classteacher Learning Systems called the Classpad. The Aakash has already started well though and has already chalked up 1.4 million pre-orders in just two weeks. The Classpad tablet for $140 […]

Tweet Looks like many of us got smart phones as gifts and that has prompted a huge surge in app downloads. According to Flurry Analytics, smartphone users downloaded more than 1.2 billion apps from Dec. 25 to Jan. 1. Flurry reported last week that almost seven million Android and iOS […]

Tweet Looks like Sprint is going to start off the new year with some goodies! Spring is offering a buy one get one free deal for its Samsung Conquer 4G for $49.99 instead of asking $99.99 (Conquer 4G’s existing price). In order to take advantage of this deal, you’ll have […]

Tweet Today comScore research published their research results for the U.S. smartphone market in November and it's nothing new but a reassuring fact that Android continues to grow in the market and RIM's share keeps shrinking. The BlackBerry smartphone OS market share shrunk by 0.6% since last month leaving BlackBerry […]

Tweet Today there is some news about cloud backup being introduced to Windows phones. For 2012, Microsoft is said to be working on getting the cloud backup feature to its Windows phones, a feature similar to the Apple Cloud. According to a recent job listing for Microsoft the company is […]