Tweet BlackBerry is now trying new ways to see if the market will be lured towards it. BlackBerry London is now rumored  to be the most exciting device RIM has ever made. It not only has looks of the Porsche Design P9881 BlackBerry, it’s also set to come with RIM’s […]

Tweet Taiwan will be going LTE by 2015 completely and will get rid of its WiMax network completely. Taipei’s National Communications Commission NCC has said it will release its next lot of 4G licenses as early as 2013, which is two years earlier than it had planned. Although WiMAX is […]

Tweet Barnes and Nobles today launched its newest Nook Tablet for a smashing $249. Now that’s an idea price for a tablet although I think it should be below $200. The announcement came at a press event at its Union Square store in New York City which we had reported […]

Tweet Now this is cool. Motorola released its official commercial for the Motorola Xoom 2 tablets. These tablets claim to be faster, thinner and lighter than the original Xoom and are said to be a major improvement than its predecessor. There are two versions of the Xoom 2 tablets which […]

Tweet Best Buy is packing some cool deals. In a new deal today, announced via tweet, Best Buy dropped Nook Color’s price by $50 and now is listed as $199 which is a great deal. The deal comes just in time for the holidays and the Thanksgiving season. The B&N […]

Tweet Seriously are these “leaks” a work of top marketing officials? Now HTC’s newest Android smartphone, the Rezound had its pictures leaked before its unveiling event in New york. The leaked picture is shown here in this article but this only lets one ask, are these “leakers” ever dismissed from […]

Tweet Looks like HP isn’t letting the failure of its TouchPad bring it down. HP has just announced its next-generation HP Windows 7 tablet called HP Slate 2. The HP Slate 2 Windows 7 tablet and brings a lot of improvements in terms of performance, better security and even more […]

Tweet GarageBand app was until now, only on the iPad2 but now has been introduced to iOS users who can now use the awesome app on iPhone and iPod touch. The GarageBand 1.1 app costs $4.99 and now will on the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S […]

Tweet There is a invite going around from Barnes and Noble which states that there is a “very special event” and is to be held in New York city. There are rumors flying around and what seems most promising is that B&N would announce a new next-generation Nook tablet which […]