Tweet Phandroid today reported that the original Motorola Droid could get a OTA update for Android 2.2.1. The Android 2.2.1 (Gingerbread) would not be a major update but would rather be released to address some bug fixes and would help improve efficiency of the mobile OS. However there is no […]

Tweet Opera today released the final version of its Opera Mobile 10.1 browser for Symbian devices. Most of the Symbian smartphone handsets are supported even the ones that are almost 4 years old! The new mobile browser is loaded with new features that include just-in-time compilation optimization for the Carakan […]

Tweet Windows Phone 7 is selling quite well but there are many people who wish a few tweaks and add ons would have made it a little more awesome. Although the Windows Phone 7 interface has been praised to be highly usable and well-designed, there is still lots Microsoft needs […]

Tweet GigaOm today reported that Apple may be working to embed a custom, writable SIM chip for its next iPhone. This new SIM module would enable Apple to sell its iPhone directly to the market and without the carrier getting involved. It was also reported that SIM card manufacturer Gemalto […]