Tweet Okay wait, first the face and now this? The mars rover snapped a picture on the Martian surface and guess what we found – a rat, well a rat looking something on the planet. NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity snapped this panorama of the “Rocknest” site with its MastCam camera on sol […]

Tweet In a technical tour de force, physicists have spotted long-sought low-energy neutrinos zipping from the sun. The discovery confirms one of the first possible steps in the fusion cycle that helps power the star, says Cristiano Galbiati, a physicist at Princeton University and member of the large international team […]

Tweet Today the two main experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, submitted the results of their latest analyses. The new papers boost the case for December’s announcement of a possible Higgs signal, but let’s not get too excited. First, there’s no new data […]

Tweet Every machine that runs on a battery need to recharge, be it from an electric shaver to ipod. Do we have a way to make this go away. Well, I cant assure for every machine but surely the future robot generation will be free from this hassle. Tomorrow’s new […]


Tweet Discovery reported that astronomers have discovered a planet that was about 5 times bigger than Earth and has liquid water on its surface. The newly found planet circles a star dimmer than the sun that is located 22 light-years away in the constellation Scorpius. It passes around its parent […]

Tweet More than 20,000 radio antennas will soon connect over the Internet to scan largely unexplored radio frequencies, hunting for the first stars and galaxies and potentially signals of extraterrestrial intelligence. The Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) will consist of banks of antennas in 48 stations in the Netherlands and elsewhere […]

Tweet This december 2012, it will be proved whether the greatest myth of the century is actually myth or reality. Science seems to support it with facts as they happen. There are many scientific facts that will happen in 2012. Such as those already mentioned here about sunspots etc. And […]


Tweet Technology is catching up with ships as well. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said that it worked on a super fuel efficient bubble technology that can be used to sail ships with less then 25 percent of carbon emissions. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries calls this the Air Lubrication System is the first […]