Tweet Now scientists are making some cool stuff and this is something new for the blind to be able to move around! A DIY project called the Tacit Project is a hand-mounted, haptic-feedback device that assists the visually impaired. Developed by Steve Hoefer’s Grathio Labs, the device has ultrasonic sensors […]

Tweet Did you know that there are around twenty million servers around the world that deliver information and make the internet and all other things work! Do you also know that about 84 percent of that number are idling most of the time wasting tons of energy and giving away […]

Tweet Alright I am not sure why I am even writing about this on my blog. May be because of my love for pets especially dogs! Today I came across this post online which said that a “pitbull” that adopted a kitten and was nursing it. My initial reaction was […]


Tweet A new study published in the journal Energy Policy claims that there is a strong possibility that the world will achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. Researchers and scientists came to this conclusion based on different sources of energy available and its total estimated outputs. The renewable energies […]

Tweet This is good! Scientists reportedly developed a new solar cell that is able to mimic the photosynthetic systems found in plants in order to repair itself. Scientists used carbon nanotubes and DNA to develop an approach that is aimed at increasing the life span of solar panels and reducing […]


Tweet Looks like the solar-power energy business is expanding in the US more rapidly than thought before. San-Diego based power generation company, Sempra Generation finished their construction of the largest photovoltaic solar power plant in the country. The plant is located in Boulder City, Nev., which is about 40 miles southeast […]