Tweet So the other day a hypervisor PSOD’d on my. The infamous pink screen of death! A reboot made me believe that it was fixed but it really wasn’t, the PSOD happened again! So I rebooted the hyp for the third time and did the following to get vmkdumps and […]

Tweet So as I was working, my colleague who was fairly new called me and wondered why he can’t add two hypervisors into the same cluster and get HA to work right. Hypervisor 1 had HA ok but hypervisor 2 had a HA error. Now on further looking at the […]

Tweet So I was working on a config and suddenly noticed that the disk was full and the vm halted! Now I was stunned to notice this. Usually I like to keep my disks at the 20% buffer that vmware recommends. On examining the log, I see that a clone […]

Tweet So today I had a customer complain of some slow performance on his vms. His cluster was not over subscribed on its resources but I saw his database vms having ready times of about 80ms. I quickly concluded that it was high CPU Ready time. Oh and by the […]

Tweet Businesses are struggling to keep up with the amazing changes of Facebook but are also diverting their focus on increasing their fan base. Because of some of the changes, strategies you used just last month to increase your “likes” and interactions with fans may not be as effective. Here […]

Tweet Entrepreneurs need to cover all of their bases, and one often overlooked base is payment processing. If your business plans to accept credit cards as payment at some point, you will need to choose a merchant account provider to process credit cards. Unfortunately, choosing a credit card processor tends […]

Tweet Well you are not serious are you? No we won’t show you how to sell your supposedly famous Blogspot blog, but we will show you how to transfer it to another account after you have sold it, which is equally or infact more important! Blogspot is an ideal place […]