Tweet So the other day a hypervisor PSOD’d on my. The infamous pink screen of death! A reboot made me believe that it was fixed but it really wasn’t, the PSOD happened again! So I rebooted the hyp for the third time and did the following to get vmkdumps and […]

Tweet So as I was working, my colleague who was fairly new called me and wondered why he can’t add two hypervisors into the same cluster and get HA to work right. Hypervisor 1 had HA ok but hypervisor 2 had a HA error. Now on further looking at the […]

Tweet So I was working on a config and suddenly noticed that the disk was full and the vm halted! Now I was stunned to notice this. Usually I like to keep my disks at the 20% buffer that vmware recommends. On examining the log, I see that a clone […]

Tweet So today I had a customer complain of some slow performance on his vms. His cluster was not over subscribed on its resources but I saw his database vms having ready times of about 80ms. I quickly concluded that it was high CPU Ready time. Oh and by the […]