Tweet What came after 2G? 3G.. what comes after 4G?? Well 5G!   5G is a term used to describe the fifth generation of mobile networks. We know that 4G has become synonymous with LTE, but 5G networks when compared to 4G will be super fast! It’s going to be many times […]

Tweet When large airliners approach an airport for a landing, a combination of radio signals and high-intensity lighting shows the pilot exactly where the runway is, even at night or in fog. But millions of people a year fly on smaller commercial planes, many private, that do not have such […]

Tweet Millions of pacemakers have been successfully implanted in the past half century to regulate erratic heartbeats, but the electrical leads, which connect the device to the heart, complicate the surgery and increase infection risks. The heart's continuous and vigorous beating also creates strain on the leads and can damage […]

Tweet Contact lenses that help enhance normal vision with megapixel 3D panoramic images are being designed by scientists using military funding. For those who do not want to rely on contact lenses, future versions could involve lenses directly implanted within the eye, researchers added. Over the decades, the video displays […]

Tweet Dubai, November 11, 2011 – ASIMO travelled to the Middle East this week to attend the Dubai International Motor Show. This is ASIMO’s second appearance in Dubai, having first visited the country six years ago. Whilst at the show ASIMO was met by a very special Royal visitor: His […]

Tweet Sony isn’t doing great these days. Today it was reported that is has registered a $2.9 billion annual loss. Most analysts think that Sony might be headed in the same direction as other major consumer goods manufacturers ended up in. Reuters said that Sony posted a disappointing $1.2 billion […]

Tweet Entrepreneurs need to cover all of their bases, and one often overlooked base is payment processing. If your business plans to accept credit cards as payment at some point, you will need to choose a merchant account provider to process credit cards. Unfortunately,  choosing a credit card processor tends […]