Tweet The UK's average home download speed is on the rise, but it could be even faster if more users upgraded at minimal cost, according to Ofcom. November's average broadband speed was 7.6 megabits per second, up from 6.8Mbps in May, says the regulator. Upgrades offered by Virgin Media and […]

Tweet ShoreTel has today announced that it is increasing up its offerings by acquiring unified communications company M5 Networks in a deal that is valued up to $146 million in cash and stock. ShoreTel’s motivation for snatching up M5 was to provide either on-premise or hosted solutions, enabling the company […]

Tweet The wait is over. Facebook is looking to raise $5 billion— and will mint hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of employees as millionaires in the process. You can find its S-1 embedded below, or right here. Rumors of Facebook’s public offering have been swirling for years, and have long been […]

Tweet StumbleUpon, over 20 million users (doubling from 10 million in about a year and a half), recently launched one of the biggest redesigns basically changing everything about the site as a whole. Having recently removed blogs, themes, and groups off the site, the new changes continue towards getting users […]

Tweet Pirate Bay’s troubles continue with the court rejecting the founders appeal against the prison sentence. As the law is catching up on sites that host content, Pirate Bay is one of the first huge sites to take the hit. Pirate Bay posted on their site, in a statement, “2012 […]

Tweet “We’re always looking to get as close to one touch donations as we can,” Romney Campaign’s Digital Director Zac Moffat told the LATimes. Politico reports that both the Romney and Obama campaigns have started using Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s “magical” dongle, Square. Of course, you can’t pay by saying […]

Tweet We measure every last click when it comes to the Web, but there remains a gulf between online and the real world. Yet the online world increasingly drives behavior offline, especially when it comes to purchasing habits. How many times have you researched something online or on your mobile […]

Tweet Amazon is growing fast. But that growth is outpacing its ability to make money, if the company’s quarterly results are any indication. Virtually every area of the company experienced double-digit growth over the same period a year earlier. Net sales were up 35% to $17.4 billion in total revenue. […]

Tweet As an artist who probably makes a substantial income from licensing his music, you might think Neil Young would frown on piracy and file-sharing, but that appears not to be the case, according to an interview he gave at the Dive Into Media conference in Los Angeles. Instead of […]

Tweet In recent weeks, Americans from all walks of life came together to stop SOPA from advancing through Congress, demonstrating the power of the Internet to rally people around an important cause. In the weeks ahead, we have reason to rally again. This time, the goal is not stopping something […]