no-ipad-coffee-shopIt is being widely reported that many coffee shops across the country are banning iPads and laptops and are also disabling their WiFi service in order to encourage customers to read news papers and books. A popular coffee shop in San Francisco was the latest one to no longer offer Wi-Fi for its customers and has also go ahead to ask them to stop using their iPads and other tablet pcs in the store.

Owner Jeremy Tooker claims that since dropping the connection and banning the iPads and tablet pcs his business has boomed. In an interview to the LA Times he said that the shop goes through about 700lbs of coffee a week, which is a lot! He also said that coffee shops were a place to relax and read a book and not updating your facebook or checking the news.

Tooker said, “anyone with a laptop or an iPad in the store will not be asked to leave however we will not cater to him”. Other coffee shops are following suit which included Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto banned Wi-Fi on weekends. Similar trends were seen in Manhattan coffee shops which banned e-books. You will be asked to leave if you pulled out your Kindle!

Looks like this will come to great relief to the paper industry which is dying a slow death.