Private-Bradley-ManningFor everything good there is a dark side. Looks like sooner or later we will experience that. Today a US Congressman called for the execution of Private Bradley Manning who is accused of leaking secret documents to Wikileaks which exposed many issues related to the US Army. Many consider him to be a whistleblower for the US army. 

However congressman Mike Rogers said that he supports the execution of the soldier who committed treason during the time of war. He went ahead to say that Manning should never have snooped around in the secure networks of the army intending to disclose information that was of considerable importance.

After the documents were released by Wikileaks, the US government said that this leak would put the US Armed forces at harms risk. The report exposed a number of reports where people were accidentally killed by US assassination squad. The report also revealed that Pakistan actively supports the Taliban and that it was providing safe haven for the Taliban and the terrorists.

Manning is accused of downloading sensitive video and data from the Army’s core secure network. These servers keep track of where the data is being moved and could be tracked back. This also exposes how weak the US army’s internal servers and its security actually are.

Manning is currently being held in solitary confinement in Virginia where he may face a court martial or federal prosecution as the investigation continues. 

Is it fair for the US Government to execute what is being called a Whistleblower for the US Army?