ipad2Are you all hyped up about the iPad 2, well if you are planning to buy it, DON’T! Today Apple is set to unveil its iPad 2 but according to an Apple staffer, the next generation iPad is just a pit stop while the ultimate iPad to cheer about is the iPad3!

The iPad2 event is only hours away and an unnamed staffer from Apple revealed to CultofMac that the iPad3 is something to be really excited about and it will be out later this year. No further details were given but this is clear that iPad2 is being considered as “not a big deal”.

Also today at the event, MobileMe is set to take center stage at the event. There is a rumor that MobileMe will offer online locker where users can expand all kinds of content including pictures and videos.

So here’s our advice, don’t spend your big bucks on a “not a bid deal” device, rather ride out the year to start the next with an amazing iPad3.

Stay tuned for more.