33 thoughts on “Facebook Steals Numbers and Data from your iPhone!

  1. I use the iPhone Facebook app and I use the contact sync feature and it’s never posted publicly any contacts I’ve sent Facebook from my phone. What is the danger here, exactly? How does it “steal” numbers when the image this article provides clearly shows consent that needs to be granted? How is that stealing at all? How is this a security risk?

  2. bully, eres un gilipollas que me tiene que comer la polla, porque no vales para ninguna otra cosa. olvidate de “hackiar”, y dedicate a pastar, como ganado que eres

  3. @ ted dancen

    facebook would never say yes we have your numbers and data

    and because you don’t see it you think that everything is allright ^^

    omg so naiv

  4. estos ignorantes no saben nada de hackers
    facebook no es seguro yo lo he comprobado
    a ya el animal que tenga cuenta ahi

  5. guys guys, wait a minute.

    if i press yes, then it does what i specifically told it to do,
    if i press no, nothing happens.

    oh. okay.

  6. All that I can think of in response to your question Mr. Dancen is the south park episode that pokes fun at both the Apple Corporation and the Human Centipede. If you haven’t seen it I recommend you go watch it

  7. All the phone numbers in your phone are now on Facebook. To change, go to the top right of the screen, click on ACCOUNT, click on EDIT FRIENDS, left side of screen and click CONTACTS. You will see all phone numbers from your phone (FB friends or not) that are published that you have stored in your mobile phone. TO REMOVE, go to right column, click on “this page.”

  8. TELEPHONE NUMBER OF ALL now on Facebook! No joke – go upwards to the right of the screen, click on Account, then Edit Friends Go to the top left of the screen and click on Contacts. All the Telephone numbers of your friends are published.

  9. Ted Dancen-

    Although you may have some skeptical feelings about this article, instead of seeing it as something to argue with use it as help or useful information, these people are not trying to do anything but warn us, theres no harm in this information being false anyways regardless. So, no need to waste your time arguing just take it into consideration and be safe! 😉

    No disrespect my friend

  10. Wait, so everyone gets all hyped up about fancy new phones and social media so they can take their “world” wherever they go. Then they get upset when they can?

  11. This message posted on August 2010 but people are commenting after one year ?
    so after that many things might happened..
    what it could be ?

  12. It stores the data in it’s database. As for your consent, once you press the I Accept button, it has open access to your adress book. Now, I have no clue wether it accesses it everytime it syncs, or everytime you open the app until you turn of syncing, but the Facebook is evil nonetheless.

  13. NO matters…. there are millions of users and we are not terrorist for whom it will engage itself for looking our msg and contact list… There is no risk..

  14. Para seguridad nigun sitio es seguro!!!! no solo facebook comparte informacion y/o saca informacion de tu “smartphone” tambien Google lo hace con sus “droid” todos esos que dicen” oh es un buen telefono, o mejor telefono” BS!! si no entras un email(gmail.com) no puedes hacer nada!! en esa garra de telefonos y si pones un email en un “Dorid” solo entra a tu cuenta “gmail” desde tu PC y alli esta tus contactos!!! y no se diga de tus fotos o documentos o cosas “privadas”(segun tu)que tienes en tu “droid” por eso yo mejor aui le sigo con mi telefonito de la epoca del caldo.

  15. im so tired of the government doing this crap. they can shut me down on the internet, i dont care! i am still me and i will fight for what we all deserve.

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