facebook-sync-featureLooks like Facebook loves to snoop into people’s phones and also copy its data. Everyone using the famous iPhone Facebook app could actually be sharing their number and their entire contact’s list with Facebook via its syncing feature. Users doing so are not alerted of the process and Facebook does it quietly behind the scenes.

The “Contact Sync” feature synchronises your Facebook profile photos with that of your own from your iPhone. However it also copies unrelated names and numbers from your phone and uploads them to your profile for everyone to see. The Guardian reported, “The implications are huge, and extremely worrying. All it takes is for some one’s Facebook account to be hacked and lots of personal details are revealed.”

Many experts are concerned for privacy as Facebook does not inform its users about the syncing feature in a complete manner. Many users wrongly assume that Facebook’s contact sync is only sync pictures while it is also syncing your entire address book.

Facebook said that you can remove your contacts but there is no clear answer if your contact added by another unsuspecting user will also be removed – “If you would like to remove your mobile contacts from Facebook, you need to disable the feature on your mobile phone and visit this page.”

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Facebook says, in a statement: “Facebook never shares personally identifiable information with third parties – advertisers are only given anonymised and aggregated data.” It also adds: “Facebook is a free service and something that many people find adds value to their day-to-day lives. As with any service, users do need to invest some time in order to use it properly and we encourage people to use their privacy settings to do this and to access the Help Centre for support.”

A more recent version of the app shows that it does download “your friends’ profile photos and other info from Facebook” to add to your iPhone address book.