goog-411_logoGoogle today announced that it was shutting down the 1-800-GOOG-411 service, a free by-phone directory service. The announcement came through the Google blog. Google said that it will be shutting down the service effective November 12. Google got emotional in its blog calling the GOOG-411 service “an old friend”.

The company justified stopping the service due to the rising number of smart phone apps that can provide the search faster and better. Voice search is already available in many Android and iPhone apps citing which Google realised that there was no need of such service anymore.

GOOG-411 service was started in April 2007 before the Android and iPhone models made it to the market. Google did not see many users using its service to its fullest extent although it did have some admirers.

Has anyone seriously relied on this service?

You can read the original blog here.