google_fiber_to_the_homeSo Google’s 1GB high speed fiber Internet is here. Google today announced that it was launching the fiber-optic broadband service in the US calling it “The Google Fiber”. The service will be offered for trail run to the residents of Stanford, California. Google also said that it signed an agreement with Stanford University which will enable it to build the high speed fiber optic network to the university’s residential subdivision which will allow about 850 homes housing staff and students to get connected.

Once connected residents are to get a blazing 1Gb per second high speed Internet which is 100 times faster than an average Internet connection. Google said that once the field trial goes well, Google will roll out the service and expand it. Our sources had said that Salt Lake City, Utah was one of the hot spots where Google will be introducing the service. This will let Google target a larger audience in a big city.

Google eventually plans to roll out the service to about half a million people. If the service is well received, Google plans to take on giant telecos by offering high speed broadband Internet. Sceptics are cautious about signing up for the service. Google has been in news for some wrong reasons lately and some are worried if letting Google take over every aspect of the Internet is a bad idea.
Google Fiber is said to be available in early 2011. 1Gbps internet vs Privacy? I like my Privacy better 🙂