Bought an iPad? Didn’t like it, no retrun policy, well we have a perfect way to ease some stress.destroy ipad

A video of a group of men smashing an iPad has created quite a buzz. More than 500,000 hits on youtube as people watched these guys smashing and destroying a $499 iPad in the bestbuy parking lot where they bought it as onlookers stare at them unable to believe what they are a witness to.

Some viewers suggested that this could be a marketing skit while others commented angrily.

The iPad belonged to Casper, a 29-year-old from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who thought of this whole idea and requested to be identified only by his first name.

‘I love Apple but I don’t work for Apple,’ he said. ‘We did this to be the first people on the planet to break the iPad.

There were others who did break the iPad but this was in a controlled environment, here take a look.