stephan-hawkingYikes, did you know the “Brain of Britain” Stephen Hawking has said that he predicts the human race will come to an end in 200 years. Mr. Hawking also said that our only chance of survival is to get beyond earth and inhabit other planets in the vastness of space. 

Mr. Hawking said that our only chance of survival is to move away from Earth and the sooner we do it, the better. The Daily Mail which interviewed Mr. Hawlking said that he was optimistic about we humans making it on another planet or multiple planets. Mr. Hawking also said that this is not the first time humanity has had faced the question of survival and quoted “the cuban missle crisis in 1963 was one of them”.

He predicts that things will only be worse in the future and the only way our species can live is to spread out in the vastness of space. Mr. Hawking is known for his acute insight of the future and his contribution to science has been extraordinary.

He was in news earlier this year when he warned against making contact with aliens as they could turn hostile. Mr. Hawking said that the last 100 years have seen remarkable progress and this should continue towards a future in space.

When asked about if humans would pollute the space with such inter-stellar travel he said, “We are just a blip on the radar and technology by then will be more about efficiency than pollution”.

Mr. Hawking’s prediction comes just in time following a  report earlier that an asteroid could hit earth in the year 2182. Scientists say that the asteroid, called 1999 RQ36, could cause major damage to earth and also a possible extinction. Any moves to deflect such a rock needs to start atleast 90 years ahead is what they had recommended.

If Mr. Hawking’s predictions are accurate, I would say 200 years is just a few years away!