google india mapFirst it was Blackberry and now its Google. The Indian government today reported that it had issued a notice to the Internet super-giant Google for wronly depicting its maps bordering Pakistan. The government said that the maps depicted a disputed state called Kashmir as part of Pakistan.


A government spokesman in a statement said, “Any wrongful depiction of the Indian map is liable for action under the Inida Information Technology act”. The Indian government has asked Google to fix the issue immediately and has given Google just one week to respond and fix the issue. The spokesman said, “Any delay will result in violation of the law and strict action will be taken against the company”.

The incorrect map was found on Google Insights for Search, a tol which shows the search volume patterns across specific regions. However Google has immediately taken note of the issue and has responded in a statement which said that they were working and the product group has been asked to correct the issue immediately.  

The Indian government’s IT department was reportedly asked to survey all such websites that show inaccurate maps of the country.