iphonecgApple iPhone is continuously proving itself to be more than just a phone. There is a new app from Alivecor that is set to startle the crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011. This new app can monitor your heart! Alivecor claims that the iPhone ECG system will make a great alternative to the traditional electrocardiogram devices which are also called ECG devices.

The whole system is setup of the iPhone 4 and a special case with two electrodes that transforms the iPhone 4 into a wireless clinical-quality cardiac measurement tool. It can monitor heartbeats by holding it with your hand or by pressing it against your chest. The iPhone 4 displays graphs and heart rates on an app that comes as a part of the entire system.

Alivecor says that the entire system comes with a price tag of under $100 and that makes it a nice selling point considering an average ECG would cost you much more. The system apparently is only compatible with the iPhone 4, iPad and the iPod Touch. All ECG reports can be stored within the iPhone 4 or can be sent over wirelessly to other devices including to your doctor!

Check out the video!